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Barbara E. Steiner Memorial Award

The Detroit Parish Nurse Network of Southeast Michigan is proud to announce the fourth annual Barbara E. Steiner Memorial Award.

Barbara was instrumental in the formation and continuation of faith community nursing within her own congregation as well as within the Detroit area. Help us keep Barbara’s life passion for faith community nursing as our focus as we honor those in this field who have the same level of calling, compassion and commitment.

If you are interested in nominating a Faith Community Nurse, please download the award application. Applications can be sent by email or mail, and must be postmarked by October 15, 2012.

One winner will be selected as this year’s recipient and will be notified by phone by October 31st. As part of the award package, the winner will receive a one year membership for the Greater Michigan Health Ministry Network (GMHMN). Details of the complete award package are listed in the application.

Background of the award

2012 marks the fourth annual awarding of the Barbara E. Steiner Memorial Award. To fully understand the meaning behind this award, we need to understand the depth of commitment that Barbara Steiner gracefully gave to her family, her faith community and to the field of faith community nursing for more than fifty years.

Barbara Steiner dedicated her life to her family and her community. This commitment to serving the whole health of others began in her high school years when she volunteered as a candy striper at Swedish Covent Hospital in Chicago. Her life's passion for nursing began in 1955 when she graduated from Wesley Memorial Hospital Nursing School and started her career as a registered nurse at Wesley Hospital in Chicago and then Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit. After raising four children, she received her bachelor of science at Wayne State University then became an associate with Visiting Nurses Association and then Detroit Receiving Hospital.

God's call to Barbara to be a faith community nurse covered more than a twenty-year span. During this time, she and a friend/colleague began to offer occasional health education classes and blood pressure monitoring at their church, St. James Lutheran in northwest Detroit. In September 1988, Barbara attended the Second Annual Westburg Parish Nurse Symposium. This experience inspired her 'defining moment' and redefined her 'sense of calling.' She resigned her senior field nurse position at Oakland County Health Department and set about building support for a proposal to the St. James church council to adopt the parish nurse (faith community nurse) program. On March 14, 1989, her hard work paid off when the council adopted the parish nurse program. Barbara defined that date as her official start date and she never once regretted her new life as a faith community nurse.

The nominees for the Barbara E. Steiner Award need to emulate one of Barbara's favorite quotes from David Thomasma of Loyola University: "Healthcare is not a commodity, it is the way we extend ourselves to others." The nominees need to show a passion for faith community nursing in all that they do to better themselves, to better their community and to better the field of faith community nursing.

Download the award application.